About Us

A picture for a thousand words...

Once upon a time, like all the stories begins, also our ones are starting. Somewhere in 2020 we started to think for a new company. In that moment we created the website domain named “drag2embed” (spelled “drag to embed”). At first reading you could understand you have to “drag” something “to embed”. Second thing which tends to express this is our Logo, having form of a right hand, with fingers made by circuit layout (something specific for IT), because most of things are done with effort by hand. Later, these things were concentrated in our motto “LIKE DRAG EMBED” which means “if you like some idea then catch with hand, drag it on the board and embed (implement)”. The number “2” from the name proves that things are done better together.

Sometimes later, in Spring of 2022, the company was officially registered in Romania and started to grow up like a tree that blooms in the spring, with dreams, hopes, ideas and courage.

Like in family also in business, if things are consolidated, it could ensure a good success. Five lines from logo refers to us as five men founders of company. Me in center looking far with courage even if the sky is blurry, followed by two kids (orange and green T-shirt) in the right that analyze the sea water to take the correct decision and the last two kids in the left, with the little one (blue) that looks us as an example to follow, coordinated and encouraged with smile for new challenges and attempts by his brother (black). This time hold hands means trust and support each other to succeed.

As business we started timidly with software and hardware client-oriented development and support. Beside this, we worked learning and support for beginner’s people in IT domain. In the end but not least we are focused to develop and embed new ideas in Home, Health and Industry fields.

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